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Crocanapple is a small creative group developing ideas for TV, radio and online media. The founder members are:

Rob Crouch, also co-founder of Brute Farce Theatre with experience acting, directing and devising work both on stage and for other media. He has appeared in the West End, numerous shabby fringe venues and arts centres, and blink-and-you'll-miss them roles in film and TV. Other “work” includes Robert Maxwell's floating corpse for the Discovery Channel, a giant squirrel, dancing with a TV for KIss TV 's inaugural ad campaign, chef Alan Bistowe (“no gravy jokes..”) in London Bridge and catwalk modeling giant jewelry at the V & A for Fashion in Motion .

Michael Davis, a Producer at Darlow Smithson Productions working over a wide range of documentaries and dramas for film and television. He was previously a Producer of visual effects at Framestore CFC, working on such highly esteemed projects as Walking with Dinosaurs and its sequels and, most recently, Space Odyssey and The Last Dragon . Michael is a frequent contributor to media and arts magazines and has written numerous short films.

Simon Whalley, the Design Producer at Framestore CFC whose work includes television, commercials and film. Recent credits include the design and visual effects for Armando Inaucci's Time Trumpet, Man to Man with Dean Learner, Nathan Barley, both the series and the DVD, as well as the design and authoring of a number of other comedy DVDs such as Green Wing, Big Train, I’m Alan Partridge and The Day Today . During his time at Framestore CFC, Simon has been nominated for a primetime Emmy award and a Bafta.

Current projects include the comedy drama podcast "The Paranormalists"